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Tracking Technology to Detect Autistic Elopers

Everyone went clueless when 8 year old Joshua Robb suddenly eloped. Surprisingly he is a small kid from Southern California having autistic traits. Here I am going to reveal how technology has helped track this little boy who eloped during his school hours. Little Joshua survived the heavy rains in the woods of San Bernardino. Records reveal that around 92% of parents having children suffering from autism found it very difficult to tackle their kids, because they had a constant habit of wandering here and there. Many have got lost and couldn’t be returned to their parents. Today with technical advancements it’s possible to track autistic children who elope from school, home or any public place. Frisco, a company offering tracking devices to places across America, has come up with a tracking device that helps detect autistic children who are lost.

It’s called the EmSeeQ which has resemblance with a watch; these devices are excellent in tracking down kids who flee away. The device is already said to have rescued 9years old Jackob with an Asperger’s syndrome, just after 10 minutes from when he got lost. Today autism, a difficult form of cognitive impairment is treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy which has become a famous medical practice worldwide. Wisconsin Autism offers a varied range of clinical treatments that help treat autism.


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