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Feel the Pleasure of an Exotic Manicure Session


Tired of seeing your nails grow into something shapeless and ugly? Want your hands to look kissable and beautiful? Well that’s what all women want; to have nice hands and feet and a pristine face that does the magic. Remember your hands and feet reflect your personality which is most important. Let’s have it here. Start massaging your palms and feet first with a nourishing moisturizer. Begin by stroking the upper part of your hands and then your wrists. Now with firmness you do the same on your palm, and make sure you apply circular strokes. Allow less pressure on your fingers. First remove nail colors and then cut them gently in shape with clippers; file the nails. Apply essential oils on your palms and feet and massage it well. Now in a circular motion start stoking your palm muscles. All you have to do now is leave your palms/feet on warm and soapy water.


Allow yourself to remove cuticles from your fingers with a cuticle pusher. Cut off all loose and dry skin and file the tips of your nails. Make your nails smooth with the filer. Apply beautiful nail shades and feel happy to look at your attractive nails. This manicure magic makes a difference.


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