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How To Destress Almost Instantly!

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Ever figured why no matter how much you try, you never manage to get to sleep through the wee hours, without having to count the sheep? And yet, you are too tired to drag yourself out of the bed? Ever wondered why no matter how many hours you sleep, you don’t feel you are rested enough?  When you are completely bogged with stress, it is the reset button you seek for, and how you wish it did exist?

Wish you knew some easy stress management practices, which could help, no matter where you are.

You wait through the much dreaded Monday, then almost the entire week for Friday to arrive. You make plans to relax, to make up for the long endearing work hours, and release the huge block of stress, from your aching shoulders. But, when it’s finally here, you are wide awake, struggling to get the “rest” you were yearning for all week long.

While you literally drag yourself out of the bed every morning, and almost always turn up late at work, you spend most of your nights struggling to get some sleep. While the body would be heavy with fatigue, the mind would keep on with its innumerable thoughts and worries.

Recent studies on stress and sluggish work conduct, have brought forward some simple  and easy ways to gain instant relief from stress.

As far as stress is concerned, little changes in your daily life go a long way. Irrespective of where you are, these simple techniques can keep your stress fits at bay. It’s surprising, how these miniscule alterations can get you relief.

Count Your Breath:

According to studies, people who are much attuned to the rhythm of their hearts, have lesser chances of stress hormone build up. Simple breathing techniques, like Meditation and Pranayams calm down your body, by regularizing your heart beat. It releases the built-up stress, and promotes fresh oxygenated blood circulation. A few deep breaths done anywhere, relaxes and unwinds your nerves, calming you down instantly.

Tune in to Your Music:

When your mind is pulsating with stress, tune-in to some soothing music. Make a list of your all time favorites, and keep it around, so that you can plug-in your ear-phones any time and get along, humming. Studies say, music have tonnes of positive effects on your body. Taking out time to learn an instrument, or just listening to it, brings you back in track in absolutely no time at all.

Take a Stroll:

Most recently cardiologists say- “if you want to live longer get out of your chair”. Sitting for long hours stagnate your body, resulting in stress to build up. A little walk around the block, or even to fetch your coffee from the vending machine, or your grocery, can do a lot to refresh your blood flow, and calm down your mind.


When you are too stressed, healthy harmless gossip, or just a little chit-chat can create some positive distraction. Talk about something casually, try to discuss your problems that are bothering you and figure out the cause. Sometimes, you’ll be amazed to find some very easy solutions, that you didn’t even think of.

Visit The Spa:

Make an appointment at your favorite spa, and get a massage from a professional. A little scalp message or a complete luxurious body message, release the stress from your body, by ensuring proper blood circulation. You can even find out your pressure points and practice a little massage a home, using some regular oils. Try-out the delicious aromatic oils, found in any local drug store.

Hit The Snooze:

At times of acute stress, what you really need is a little sleep. Lie down, and relax, rest your hands beside your body, open up your palms. Loosen-up, feel and focus on  the pressure being released from your body slowly through your palms. Calm down and take a little nap. As you have often heard your granny say- “Sleep, and everything will be brighter tomorrow“.


2 thoughts on “How To Destress Almost Instantly!

  1. Your article holds very true for the instant de-stress as you already mentioned but actually the matter of the fact is Stress stays for a long time, there is no quick solution though you can control to some extent using the ways you mentioned above. Controlling stress work stress and home stress bringing about a balance requires a lot of patience and perseverance. I do yoga and meditation everyday and follow aromatherapy as a part of my daily routine. Aromatherapy has helped me to tone down my stress to a great extent. I use scented candles, reed diffusers, any sort of fragrance that I can get my hands on. My favourite brand though still remains to be Cycle. By the way thanks for sharing this great article! 🙂

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