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Special Hair Conditioning for Dry Hair Treatment

Dry hair is a problem in majority of women. There are different factors that lead to frizzy hair; and to make things worse frizzy hair is mostly unmanageable. If your hair isn’t that buttery smooth or cotton soft, you don’t need to cry. Smooth and beautiful locks are just few minutes away. Whether you’d like a natural or a balanced one depends on what your scalp actually needs. While I am kind of inclined to the natural ones, there are many who go for salon spas and more to get that glossy lustrous texture in strands with dry hair treatment. They give you a refreshing and heavenly feel. Now, let’s get lost into intensive/deep hair conditioning therapy.


It’s more of a dry hair treatment.

The process is natural yet fairly contemporary. Deep or intensive hair conditioning hydrates the follicles from within. This is a natural therapy and needs none other than hair rejuvenator- olive oil, some towels, a shower cap, shampoo and conditioner. Wow!! That’s all. Here I am talking about hot towels which you’ll need to lock in moisture.

This is an effective therapy which goes down deep into the roots and moisturizes the follicles. Massage your scalp and hair with hot olive oil after which you need to cover your scalp with the shower cap. Now you wrap your head with a hot towel. This allows moisture infusion to the roots. Rotate the hot towel and keep doing it for another 30 minutes. Now rinse your scalp with warm water. After you have finished rinsing your hair shampoo it off with cool water. The moisture gets locked in and you get healthy lustrous hair in just a few minutes.


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