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Elderly Assist: Six Neglected Ways To Care For Your Loved Ones

After having raised their families, many middle-aged people are now finding that elderly family members need a little help with daily activities. Caring for aging family members can be a gratifying and satisfying experience, but sometimes, some of their specific needs can fall through the cracks. Here are a few of the often-neglected items that can help to make your elderly family member more comfortable and secure.

1. Getting Outdoors

Often, the elderly don’t feel well enough to get out for a walk outdoors or have physical disabilities that make this difficult. Taking the trouble to arrange for a wheelchair or other accommodations so that they can spend an afternoon with the sun on their faces and the wind in their hair can make a huge difference to their mood and their health.

Elderly Assist, Six Neglected Ways to Care for your Loved Ones

2. Engaging in Creative Activities

Encourage your aging family member to engage in the creative activities they enjoyed at a younger age, or help them try an activity they’ve never tried before. An oil painting set, journal for their memoirs, or scrapbook can help to stimulate memory and organizational skills and keep them in a more positive frame of mind.

3. Using Technology

Technology can be very helpful in aiding the elderly with their daily lives. Many elders enjoy keeping in contact with family and friends via email and Facebook. The Internet allows them to keep up on current events and learn new subjects. Web cams can help you check on elderly family even when you can’t make a visit. Be patient as you teach them these new technologies, as the final result could be extremely beneficial to them.

4. Home Safety Measures

Ensure that their fire alarms have new batteries. Make sure that they have a small fire extinguisher in their kitchen and know how to use it. Encourage them to use timers when cooking in the oven and microwave ovens for quick warming of foods. Help them devise a routine for locking windows and doors for the night hours. Put away electrical cords, loose area rugs, and other fall hazards.

5. Encouraging Good Nutrition

A healthy diet is even more important for elderly people because they may not have the appetite for food they once had. If they enjoy cooking but can’t do it well on their own anymore, spend an afternoon helping them cook one of their favorite dishes. Ensure that the selections include lean meats, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and omega-3 fatty acid foods like fish, nuts, and soy. If they don’t cook, supply meal supplements to snack on during the day. There are also many services that bring meals to seniors daily that are worth researching.

6. Home Security

Because elderly family members may not go out as much as they once did, it’s easy to forget that they still need good home security whether they are in Riverton UT, or Chicago IL. A Vivint home security system can help to allay those fears to help both you and them to worry less. It can provide door and window sensors, glass break detectors, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide alarms to keep your senior family member safe during the day and at night. They also have optional medical pendants.

These simple tips will help to enrich your aging family member’s life and keep them secure in their golden years.

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One thought on “Elderly Assist: Six Neglected Ways To Care For Your Loved Ones

  1. I too am terribly concerned with carbon monoxide problems with the elderly. I found that it is best to equip them with carbon monoxide masks (the ones with the flashing LEDs that alert the carer when too much CO is being inhaled). They get a kick out of wearing the masks (even if they do frighten dogs and cats and grandkids).

    Nutrition can be a nasty problem to overcome. Sometimes it is best just to allow them to pick their noses and eat it. Saves cooking and preparation time.

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