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4 Kicking Alternatives To Your Morning Coffee

Most of us love to begin our day with our favorite cup of hot coffee but then follows a thousand queries. Is it healthy? Is it ruining my digestive system? Does my acute lack of sleep bear any connection to this? Am I losing my precious hair for the regular blasted cup I so lovingly consume in the morning. The worries have no end, yet we can hardly miss the blissfully warm, aromatic sip.

So far, we see a polar tension. The love for rich flavors, warm drinks and the kicking energy that come with it is on a side and the health hazards that coffee offers on the other. What if we explore a little and give you just what you want, the perfect combo of flavors and energy but in an undeniably healthier pack. Here, we list few perfect blends that gifts you the sweetest start without hampering your health.

Chai, the tea with a twist– Tea, here in India is the country’s lifeblood. Wherever you go, whatever you do tea is a must and people here can combat any challenge provided they have their favorite masala chai in hand. Thick buffalo milk, roasted tea leaves, lots of sugar, cinnamon, cardamom pods, ginger would come for this delightful concoction named masala chai. The thick tasty liquid brims with energy and sure to give you a beautiful blend of aromatic treat.

indian tea

Peppermint Hot Chocolate- The crunchy coolness of mint warms up with syrupy hot chocolate to present you this cherish-able drink. Rich, yummy, flavorful and the never-go-wrong blend of mint and chocolate. Does it make a sweet cozy alternative for your bitter coffee?

peppermint hot chocolate

White Hot Chocolate– White chocolate lovers would swear by it. Thick, rich, smooth, creamy and you can add on marshmallows and crunchies to love it more. If energy is what you are looking for, this is what you need and a cup full promises you a fresh new start from your lazy slumber. Forget coffee and indulge into something so delightful.


Hot caramel apple cider- Sweet warmth of hot caramel with a tangy punch of apple cider is just the perfect drink you need to wake up and start off perfectly. Flavor and energy comes in a perfect package with this drink, good enough to give you the action packed kick start.

caramel apple cider

With the list of such fantastic drinks I bet your coffee craving has considerably reduced and for the better that is. I say, have fun and live life the healthy way!


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