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Autism and its malefic effects

Today autism is one of the most controversial topics discussed across the world. However experts have still not been able to discover the truths behind. Yes, it is a fact that there is actually no single cause that triggers spectrum disorder in humans. Medical advancements have blessed us with more of clinical support that helps people improve their mental abilities faster. Today there are natural therapies available for autism amongst which HBOT and behavioral therapy are two of the most common medical treatments in use. Autism which is also referred to as mindblindedness is neurological development disorder where the brain functions differently.

Autistic children often have trouble interacting with people. They show unusual traits like repetitive behaviors, over-sensitivity to sound and taste, restraining oneself from making eye-contacts, unusual outbursts when exposed to lights and sounds and more. Experts state that autism is an outcome of improper genetic development.  Moreover structural deformities in the brain also contribute to autism occurrences. The international hyperbaric medical association is there to help the millions of helpless parents who want their autistic children to live a better life.


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