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Should we call Autism an Epidemic?

Autism is none other than a bad cognitive disorder that takes toll on the functions of the brain. It actually affects the normal functioning of the brain triggering some peculiar behaviors in children. A study has recently showed us that there are an increasing number of young ones falling prey to spectrum disorder. On the contrary experts state that there are no such recorded instances that claim such an increasing rate of autism. Up till now scientists have not yet come up with strategies determining the fact that the later contribute in estimating an increase or decrease in the number of autistic patients across the world. Several cross-sectional researches have revealed numerous reports with varied analysis and results.

Recent surveys have revealed the uprising trend of graphs; yes reports have shown that there has been a substantial increase in autistic rates. 30 years ago the graphical interpretation was much different than that of today. Today experts have adopted improved techniques to treat those with autism. They have discovered innovative concepts for diagnosis of the same. With the variations found in the analyses we are confused; the reports come from different centers displaying different images. While some prove that autism have become an epidemic others don’t really approve such claims. If you are looking for autism treatment in California to treat your little one who has been recently diagnosed with the same, you can look up sites for the best answers.


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