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Tips to choose personal trainer Sydney

Whether you aim to lose belly fat or get some strength training or take part in outdoor bootcamp training, you need to have a good personal trainer. Sydney is becoming increasingly popular with many trainers and boot camp trainers. But no, the reality is that many are phonies and if you are unwise can con you of your valuable time and money.

If you are certain to join a personal training Sydney, you need to be smart and pick the right trainer. Because only he/she can assess fitness on an individual basis, set goals depending on what has been assessed, and then motivate fitness seeker to comply with the program schedule and regimen.

Then the trainer designs training program and schedule that will address seeker’s exercise and his nutritional components.

When you want to hire a personal trainer Sydney, follow these tips. To say it simply you want to hire a professional who is experienced with a personality compatible with the clients. How to pick that Mr. Perfect? Can he be picked by throwing few questions?

Academic credentials

Personal training Sydney should be qualified with academic degree in Physical Education, or Exercise Physiology, or Kinesiology, or Exercise Science, or Sport Management from reputable institute or university.

Any of the aforementioned exercise and/or exercise science related course calls for about 2000 to 3000 hours classroom instruction with exams, labs, research papers, and so much of out-of-the-classroom writing and studying. To summarize, a physical trainer needs to put in four to six years to gain educational prowess and show strong levels of dedication. During this time frame he learns basics about human anatomy, human physiology, biomechanics, sports nutrition, sports injury, and about weight training and various exercise techniques.


A personal trainer Sydney needs to be registered with Fitness Australia; the national accreditation body of Australia. It is good if he or she has taken up formal training in first aid administration.

A professional trainer maintains log of everyday progress of the students and notes the adherence of client/s to his instructions. Good trainer is aware of his clients’ shortcomings and improvements.


Client focusing

Good personal trainer also needs to focus on what client needs. A good trainer custom makes a personal training schedule and program depending on what the client needs and his objectives after carefully studying client’s health history and knowing his training goals. He has to design custom training programs for his clients ensuring predictable consequences to all.

In addition to all that is discussed, if the trainer has some nutritional and sports medicine credentials he becomes more competent. But more than all if the personal trainer is not personally approachable and or friendly, he can be given a pass.


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