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Personal glimpses on Music Therapy

Better late than never. Whether it’s an ideology that shapes us humans or an excuse taken up by us to support our often laid back attitudes towards positive transformations is debatable, but music as a remedial factor to certain ailments is something the whole world seems to have understood finally. A personal experience says that music is euphoric at times and it helped many times to ward off the lonely-weekend blues. Now, that’s tough to digest in the age of antibiotics and till now, we discussed just the psychological aspect of it. The physical side to it is yet to be.

Music has several facts  the physical, the emotional, the mental, the social, the aesthetic and lastly, the spiritual side to it. All these, or a few aspects of it, helps in improving and maintain health, both physical and mental and has been noticed to bring positive changes to a variety of conditions. Certain psychiatric and physiological medical problems apart, music therapy is effective against a large number of physical handicaps caused by sensory impairments; the process has been found greatly effective in curing developmental disabilities and communication disorders as well as to stop substance abuse and related interpersonal problems. Music has also been found an efficient agent that slows down the aging process and promotes learning abilities, build-up self-esteem, aids in stress reduction and induces more energy to the system. The question is: How?

Let’s put it in layman’s words: Music is sound and sound is energy with a certain frequency, which in turn, has the ability to stimulate certain parts of the brain (no wonder most of the newly-wed couples have a preference for the sound of baritone saxes or that you prefer a piece from Oscar Peterson after a hard day’s work). Or, if nothing else – Vedic astrology speaks of zodiac specific names and what’s that for? Listening to a particular frequency just shapes a person, both psychologically and physiologically. Think about it from a broader perspective and that shall put all your doubts to rest.

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