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Confessions of a (couple of) Meat Eaters

We are meat eaters by choice. Ever since I remember, I had, have and probably, may continue to enjoy a liking for it. It applies equally to a preference for the item and that the preference is enjoyed by a certain mass.

Meat eating is not bad, contrary to what the modern health-world says. The required (read necessary) brutality comes from meat-eating habits and that keeps us going in this world. Sometimes, it seems the medical world has lost its power to analyze. Why else they would spread a propaganda (marketing rules say here: one size fits all) that would cost many their lives (don’t get emotional; we are discussing it the physiological way, not focusing upon meat-eating being our way to live)?

Usual arguments would follow supporting complete vegetarianism being the way to living healthy, but are you aware of the term genetic? The modern prescription to healthy living is close to that; it’s only the fifth-letter mismatch that’s giving rise to arguments.

Let’s make it clear before anything that follows: I won’t present any statistical data. I’m not writing a research paper; we all come here to loosen our minds.

As we spoke before, I noticed with my dog the genetic tolerance for nutrition. I got him quite an adult, around a year and three months, always on the edge of rage. A big caliber, always loaded; cocked and with a hair trigger response. It’s different that I brought him down from 65 kilos of flab to 52 kilos of sheer muscle and bone mass (to get the difference, compare a .38 S&W with a .357 M) and managed putting in the transfer safety bar (if I may apply it here), but a change in his food habits (though the transition was spanned over several fortnights) made me undergo a few lessons. The theory proved itself: Don’t force your body to exist upon something it is not used to, all in a sudden. Sadly enough, I came to know later that the duration of sudden varies according to a lot of factors.

Right from day one, I kept my Rottie on steamed beef, curd, hard-boiled eggs (with beef soup), big and oily fishes and vegetables (beans, carrots, beetroot, garlic and cabbage; sometimes, pumpkins) one item to go with the curd and brown rice everyday and repeating. I was also sprinkling extra amino acid powders on the food. But as the seasons changed, so had to the quantity. To avoid frequent feeding, I shifted him to an upmarket dog food, replacing the brown rice and the amino powders. He still had four more months to grow, so that also proved better. The sad part is, it was better only initially.

It was too much of protein for him; I learnt later that he was fed only a medium-grade dog food once a day and plain rice and organ meat (the heart, the ears, intestines, spleen, kidneys and liver) in the late evening. The timings were irregular; often, he skipped a meal or two since people used to forget about him. It was natural, for he stayed locked in a room at the back portion of the house of his former owner. He loved him, but didn’t know what to do with him; he appointed a fellow later who was in charge of his well-being. He, occasionally (once a week), in order to prove that the dog is bursting with energy (thanks to his care), used to keep him unfed over long hours while pricking on him and beatings, at times, not lethal enough to break the bones but enough to get him furious. All in all, Adolf was not used to good food and it did him bad. The extra protein in the blood gave rise to kidney troubles, allergies and a mouth ulcer that never seemed to heal. However, may the Indian herbal science reach lofty heights, it worked wonders for him. The tapering is on since then; now it is the reverse tapering that has started. The threshold is set every three months and he shall be on a complete BARF diet (apart from the boiled eggs and dog food in breakfast) from September 2010 onwards.

Let’s end this discussion with what we got it started: Many meat eaters are currently shifting to vegetarianism. We spoke about the sufferings due to a sudden change in food pattern; so apply a bit of reverse engineering: That you are a meat eater is inscribed in your genes. Turning it a hundred and eighty degrees around all in a sudden shall do nothing but corrupt the genetic code. Those who are purely vegetarian, are so since ages; their body has been programmed to derive everything necessary from a vegetarian diet. For us, it’s not; therefore, eat meat setting the threshold (250-400gms/days), for too much of anything is bad.

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