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Beyond the realms of mindless pumping

We are definitely not going to discuss the steroids or any other forms of food supplement. Neither shall it be upon the tongue twisters like stable isotope tracer technology or immuno-histochemical grouping of muscle fibers or some Herculean micro-array methods; instead, we shall focus entirely on hardcore, muscle-building science. But we do need to clear our conceptions on why muscles develop at all.

While many of us are aware of the cause behind (synthesis of muscle protein increasing the muscle mass), a lot of Arnold-wannabes are reluctant to provide the muscles with a high stimulation while overly concentrating (read blaming) such factors as hormones, genetic factors and the nutrition they are taking in. It’s not that they are immaterial, but they can be overridden, if you know utilizing properly a few scientifically proven facts.

Quoting Paul Delia (Founder/CEO, AST Sports Science; developer of Max-OT Training Principals) – “Muscle is protein and protein is muscle”; though there stays involved many other factors, at the basic, it is true to its truest core. Muscle tissues are constantly synthesized and broken down and it’s not restricted to the period of workout; so deductive logic states that the rate of development of the muscle tissues must exceed the breakdown rate, if substantial gains are expected. Planned exercising accelerates this protein turnover enormously; so we need to focus upon how it can be kept up.

An easy way out is to supply the body-bank with enormous deposits (quantities of protein), but a complete program on nutrition and exercise may also prove extremely beneficial in boosting up the synthesis of muscle protein. But on the other hand, it’s also equally true that regular training regimes diminish the response. Is there a weight-training program that works effectively and provides a highly stimulated muscle protein synthesis?

It’s there; in fact, any muscle mass gain is proportional to the stimulation supplied to the muscle mass, in forms of the overload placed. But it is no abracadabra at the same time, those who know the pyramidal structure (light weights against more repetitions and gradually moving up to more weights and less repetitions) have guessed it right; a muscle-building program based on this principal is more effective than the steroids.

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