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Kids of Older Dads are most prone to Cognitive Impairment

A recent study has revealed a strange fact; that older dads tend to incur autism and other mental disorders. The fact became evident after an experiment was conducted on lab mice. John McGrath, a professor at the Queensland University found that offspring of aged male mice were prone to autism and other cognitive disorders. In fact he has found that in case of humans, men who have offspring at the age 50 or so face double the risk of having autism children than that of Dads who have offspring by the age 25-30 years. Professor McGrath and his deeply studied the DNA formation and other related issues in offspring of mice young and aged alike.

They examined the mice (the fathers, the mothers and their offspring) and tested the offspring for CNVs. The CNV mutations were more common in offspring of older fathers than the younger males. The study also revealed that the shape of their brains differed from the offspring of younger males.  Therefore there is an increased risk of autism occurrences in kids born to older fathers. Today there is news on some of the strangest fact on autism awareness. You can click on these sites to read them.


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