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How the human body is influenced by hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

I have read numerous articles and stories on hyperbaric therapy and was overwhelmed to have learned the intense capability of oxygen to cure pathological disorders. An odorless gas, oxygen has the power to sustain life and even cure disorders in living beings. Especially I came across this article where it was stated that it has massive effects on the human mind. Experts say that tissues require about 5-6ml of oxygen dissolved in 1dcl of blood. However normal blood can only supply with .3ml of oxygen. When the human body is fed with pure oxygen at thrice the atmospheric pressure level, then amount of blue gas received is 1.5ml; but when the atmospheric pressure is increased to 3, the oxygen level also increases to around 6ml. the amount is sufficient to meet the existing needs of tissues.

California Hyperbaric Therapy

Most of the times inert gas in blood triggers air embolism; but with the help of hyperbaric oxygen therapy volume of bubbles is decreased to around 1/3rd of the original state. In fact HBOT facilitates fast elimination of air embolus in blood. The California hyperbaric therapy actually offers a whole lot of services to people suffering from different psychological as well as physiological disorders.


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