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How powerful is HBOT in treating vascular dementia

Vascular dementia is nothing but a brain damage that results in memory loss. This occurs after the brain cells are barred from receiving sufficient blood flow. Not only do you lose your memory, your thinking abilities also get lost when VD occurs. Vascular Dementia is a prototype of Alzheimer’s disease. The problem occurs when there is damage to the small vessels in the brain due to stroke. Ischemic strokes actually lead to unceasing memory loss. The researchers wanted to bring an end to this and started experimenting with different therapies. At last these experts found that vascular dementia could be treated with the help of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. In fact it has been found out that HBOT is evidently powerful in healing vascular dementia at any level.

Speedy recovery and restoring wellness of the tissues and nerves is common when an individual is treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  Not only in treating vascular dementia, HBOT is effective for other cognitive impairments as well.


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