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Bell’s Palsy and Hyperbaric Therapy

Bells palsy

Bell’s palsy is referred to a dangerous disorder which causes different parts of the face to paralyze. The syndrome actually causes full or partial paralysis at a rapid pace; in fact sometimes the patient is unaware that he/she is actually affected with BP. It starts almost suddenly; the disorder strikes after the cranial nerves is damaged or blocked from stimulating response to the facial nerves. An inflammation to the nerve basically hampers proper functioning of the same. Despite of the drugs that claim to cure facial paralysis, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has become a popular treatment which facilitates speedy recovery of the individual. Bell’s palsy is proven to be successful in treating facial paralysis and believe me one can recover in as soon as few weeks time. Isn’t that cool? Well for now if you hear that someone has got Bell’s palsy, be supportive and tell him/her not to lose hope. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the answer to all kinds of physiological problems. You can ask him/her to purchase personal hyperbaric chambers and get it cured.


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