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The Fun and Menace of Working from Home

Working from home excites you? Well, do a comparative research of the pros and cons of it before going for it. Initially it seems to be a dream to work away from the reach of your boss. Some also think that working from home means less work pressure and less responsibilities. This is high time such myths are busted. Check out a list of benefits of working from home and a number of problems you may face while doing so.


Early Hour Woes: Comfort is the catchword for home offices. You can spend the entire day in your pajamas. There is no need to put on the boring formals that you hate wearing every morning. Nobody will have a dictat over when you get up in the morning and how fast you get ready. Women get a chance to free themselves from the thick layers of make ups. There is no need to look perfect when you do not need to travel to your office.

Take Dancing or Singing Breaks: After a long stretch of continuous work your brain might ask for a break. It can come in the form of crooning a few line of the popular number or dancing to your favorite tune. It can be an amazing stress buster that do not disturb or distract others at work. This is one fun you can indulge in only at a home-office space.

No Interruptions at Home: There will be no colleagues at your home to stop by the cubicle and have a chit chat from time to time. So, you get to focus on your work properly. It is like enjoying a well balanced equation among you, your work and the break when you require it badly.

No Commuting: Commuting for long hours can get your energy drained at the very early hours of the day. Home office helps you to work with complete attention and enthusiasm without losing even a bit of it on the way.


Communication Gap with Team: This is the biggest problem about home office. Working remotely needs a number of technological assistance for remaining connected to your team. Often communication gap can cost your project dear.

Distraction; The Other Menace: Working from home can require you to deal with distractions of all sorts. It can come in the form of hungry kids at home, your favorite TV show, an important baseball match on TV and all. Create a dedicated space at home where you have the least possibility of getting disturbed. Make sure you get to work as much as you ought to.

Unprofessional Attitude: Working from home is still considered by a bunch of CEOs as the mark of unprofessional attitude. Recently large business houses like Yahoo have expressed their desire to allow their employees to work only in the office premises.


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