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Subtle Healing of Zodiac Signs – Leo:: 6th or Agnya/ 3rd Eye Chakra


(24 July-23 August)

Ruling planet: Sun
Group: Fixed
Colour: Gold

Positive characteristics: noble, expanded thinking, generous, self confident, inspiring, artistic

Negative or weak aspects: egoistical, intolerant, vain

Energy center: the sixth chakra, Agnya. 3rd eye Chakra


Are unique in the zodiac with their noble and pioneering quality. They always like to rule and be in the limelight. At times they have a childlike, playful nature that loves life and reflects it.

They are warm people who inspire others, are influential, optimistic, smiling, active and spread light to their surroundings like the sun. They are always honest and fair in struggle and are never cunning. They can fall for their extreme pride at times even though they are usually forgiving.

They admire luxury and glory

They admire luxury and glory. Their extreme pride could make them see themselves higher than what they are.

Nevertheless, they are forgiving. They treat weaker people or those in difficult situations with love. Very generous. The Sun, which rules Taurus, also controls our sixth, agnya chakra located in our forhead.

This chakra gives us forgiveness, nobility and understanding

This chakra gives us forgiveness, nobility and understanding. However, pride and vanity easily block this chakra. Leo can use its great qualities and charisma to benefit entire humanity if it can rise above such negative feelings with introspection. They can have a greater effect on their surroundings just like the sun when they become more simple.



Info Source : sahaja yoga portal


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