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Common Mobile Tech Problems & Their Likely Solutions

Common Mobile Tech Problems & Their Likely Solutions

The mobile revolution started with large and heavy handsets. Then there was the phase where ‘tiny’ was the perfect formula for cell phones. And then we are here, where we have large and heavy phones again. But they are different from their ‘ancestors’ in that they feature larger displays, touch screens and tons of tech features.

But these powerful, feature loaded smartphones have several tech problems. Let’s look at the common problems and their solutions.

The Persistent & Annoying Predictive Text Feature

Despite making so many advances, predictive text has continued to remain a part of mobile phones over the years. It is still completed, even with a keyboard that is trying to complete sentences depending on what it ‘thinks’ you want to say.

Mobile operating systems have this feature that claims that says it tries to understand how you write. It tries to ‘learn’ you and makes suggestions. Although the intent behind the technology is to enable faster technology, but in most cases it takes more time. Most of the time users have to erase and type the text again.

If this tech is annoying you to often, you can turn it off from your phone’s settings. For example, you can use the following steps to turn it off in your iPhone: Settings > General > Keyboard and turn off the ‘Predictive’ option. The settings are almost similar in Android devices too.

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Problems with Battery Life

Smartphone technology has continued to evolve at a fast pace thanks to the tough competition between the biggest electronics companies in the world. We have smartphones which are as powerful as computers and yet battery technology is something that is still a concern.

With 4G devices taking over the market, the problem with battery technology is going to continue worsen. Everyone wants to have a phone that can do so much. But what is the point when it will die off in a few hours?

We hear of new battery technology every few months but no one seems to have a solution for the core problem! Lithium ion technology is being continuously used and promoted as the big thing. But most of us don’t know that it has been here since the 1990s. There have been major improvements over the decades, but still they are not enough to support our faster processers, bigger RAMs, feature-loaded apps, and high data consumption.

Then we have heard a lot about how big a thing wireless technology has been. No doubt the convenience, it is still not much efficient. It may do away with the wires but you will still have to carry the charging platform along wherever you go.

The solution to this problem may be to get a lager phone that has a much larger battery. Otherwise, you should carry a bulky power bank along. Stopping several apps and features is one way to deal with this, but that is not what your phone is meant for. Is it?

Heating Problems

Apps are the new big revolution. There is almost nothing for which there is no app. But these applications are causing your smartphone to heat up. Your phone may be as powerful as a computer, it is still a phone. Once it gets hot, the CPU’s performance will fall down. It is not like in the case of a computer where you have an elaborate cooling system.

A solution to this problem is to clean junk from your device. But you will have to install another application for the purpose. Yet, it is not enough.

Mobile technology may have reached an advanced stage, there are still many shortfalls. We can hope that the industry will give more attention to overheating problems, battery technology and a few other nitty-gritty’s before we can have truly reliable ‘smart’ phones.

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