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Hewlett-Packard strategy to Release WebOS Software by September

Hewlett Packard declared on Wednesday, 25th January, 2012, about the release of WebOS software under Apache License, Version 2.0 by September. Hewlett-Packard is on its way to release their WebOS mobile operating system by September 2012. For this open-source software, HP is following the same approach to licensing that Google has used with Android. The organization had acquired Palm Inc. in 2010 for $1.2 billion and has gained WebOS. In December, they would convert the software into open-source. This would allow programmers from outside to play with the code and who will be able to use it in their own tablets and smart phones.

Along with releasing open source, the Company is also launching Enyo 2.0; open-source software tools to assist developers code WebOS applications. Apache version will enable the developers with comfortable options, declared Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation which is a trade group based in San Francisco targeted on open-source software.

“The marketplace wants more choice,” Chief Strategy Officer Bill Veghte said.

Now HP is trying to mobilize interest in WebOS which serves as an alternative to mobile platforms from Apple, Google and Microsoft.  This initiative led to cease in the sale of Hewlett-Packard’s own WebOS products, including the TouchPad tablet and Palm Pre smart phone. Analyzing the scenario, the Plato Alto Company decreased production of the devices in August.   Hewlett-Packard expects the opening WebOS beta version 1.0 to be available by August, and launched in September.

Though the schedule seems quite rapid than other mobile open source projects other organizations like Symbian had also  taken a bit less than two years to let out its code. Ultimately, the Symbian project had shrunken and the remains had fallen in the hands of Nokia. During this time, the operating systems of Apple and Google gained momentum.


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