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From Womanhood to Motherhood – Maternity fashion

Maternity Dresses
Maternity Dresses

Maternity fashion is necesssary for pregnant women to feel beautiful and elegant. Big belly makes a woman receding and pulling skirt just to the chest. Accordingly, the skirt is hanging from behind, and rides up above knees, stressing all the features of «irregular» figure. A skirt with triangle wedges slouching down will compensate for this effect. It must be 5-10 cm longer in front.

Maternity fashion

Dress without waist is the same solution, but it should be without sleeves, coquettishly short, with zipper or buttons from the front. This way it is much easier to put it on a big belly. Choose few bright shirts with wide sleeves for such dress. They will distract attention from your stomach.

Double-breasted sarafans with ties are also comfortable for maternity fashion. They can be worn from the third and up to nine month, fitting by changing shapes.

Jeans overalls sold for pregnant women in large numbers are not too convenient. Due to improper cutting, they always purse and pull at the bottom of the stomach and groin. Overalls from soft materials with elongated inguinal region and soft knits on the sides that stretch when required look much better in maternity fashion.

Trousers should have high belts, fixed above the waist. Particular attention should be also paid to thighs, which become wide during pregnancy. Therefore, trousers should have some stock.

A couple of jackets and elongated coats without buttons (possibly on ties) will vary your maternity fashion wardrobe. So you will always have space for maneuver.

During cold season, choose maternity fashion bell-bottomed trapeze fur-coats and middle-knee length swingers. Too long and heavy coats are not good – this is an additional load on legs, and as a consequence – varicosity and lumbar pain.

While little frost we offer you an ideal variant – a downy or polyester batting jacket. It is good, if it is «alpine skiing» with retainers on each side to manage the degree of its proximity to the body. The only maternity fashion condition – winter jackets must not be «blown». Otherwise, your stomach will look too defiant, and you will turn into a ball on legs.

Now, as regards the style of pregnant women – it should not be sexual, but sweet and a little skittish. Some princess, causing a tender emotion in others and herself. For these purposes, you can use cuffs, wide turnover collars. Choose soft colors for maternity fashion: pink, gray, white, muted red. Skirts may be checkered or from texture fabrics. Pants and shirt – in a vertical strip that visually makes figure longer.

Prefer natural fibers: linen, cotton, wool. You will always feel easily and safely in them.

Source – Woman’s Passions – Lifestyle Magazine.

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