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Facebook – Few Parameters

The social media is one of the most important methods of marketing and getting a grasp of the online market. Beside LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook is also playing a major role in getting the market value.

social media seoWhen you are thinking to opt for the Facebook – FB (it’s the pet name to its users), there are few parameters that you must consider –

Group Build – this is simply the heart of FB. Your marketing will depend upon how you get connections. Make the group that helps you to represent your business essence. Try to motivate your friends to the discussion boards.

Fan – in the fan page all the consumer actions are taken. Interactions of the users, promotions, feedback all from the real people you can get with the help of Fan Page. Traffic generation is possible with this. From the SEO point of view too, Fan page is a great add-one.

Refresh… add something new and interesting – always set your page so that every day the people visiting your site will get something new. News, videos, pictures, friendly quizzes, some recent release that must be interesting to put comments… anything you can choose to update your profile regularly. Just never think of doing something that makes people to get bored from your site.

Use of landing page – it is simply a must for the new users. I agree to the fact that your wall must contain all the product detailing, reviews, but what if the new users get baffled up seeing all at once? The simple solution is to land in a page dealing with the activities of your business and then to your wall TO KNOW MORE…

Forum – the discussion forum is a very useful platform, where you can speak about your product and get a feedback…sometimes negative feedback also helps!

News feed – your users do have other works too than checking your wall every time. So, just put short briefing as the news feed that can be read all at once. You can also think of adding the common FB features like –“Comment” “Like” or “Share”.

Paid adverts – It does wonders! I am not neglecting the keyword and targeted users issue, but if you can promote this in a right fashion like posting your add in the page mostly used by your users, you will get the results in no time.

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