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Ghonim – the most influential guy of 2011

A news I came across “money . cnn . com” – about a sudden disappearance of a Google employee from Egypt. Strange but true!

The Google executive Wael Ghonim disappeared. The recent news releases commented that he has been kept detained and blindfolded too by the Egyptian state security for almost 2 weeks.

wael ghonimThe story goes as – Wael Ghonim left Google to set up a technology based NGO that is for the help the poor of Egypt to fight poverty and to impart education. Protests broke out against Hosni Mubarak, where Wael Ghonim took a very active part by his posts in the TWITTER and FACEBOOK too. And social media did the wonder and helped in galvanizing the uprising. He aimed at getting almost everyone in the street (as told CNN’s Ivan Watson)

Revolution 2.0 he called it – “the internet revolution”

However his sudden disappearance questioned his safety. Even Google ensured his job in the Company. But the result was a just a Thanking message for the effort that Google made to search for him. He also pointed himself as a lucky guy for working with such a caring unit. But he also tweeted not to include him in the revolution anymore…but he became the most influential soon after his disappearance.

No idea where is he… but want him to come back and show this courage again and again. This can influence young hearts to take daring steps.

Thanks for your courage Ghonim!

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