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From amoeba to human beings. What next? Has evolution stopped?

In our evolution we have definitely come a long way. Starting from the amoeba stage to this current state is a rather remarkable evolutionary process brought about by nature! For, according to scientists,  all evolution happened because of climatic changes, genetic variations or mutations sponsored by Mother nature!

What is evolution?

Evolution is the process by which modern organisms have descended from ancient ancestors. Evolution is responsible for both the remarkable similarities we see across all life and the amazing diversity of that life!


So if we are to sum up the process of evolution, we started from being a single celled animal and went on to become the most complex rational animal that planet Earth has ever known. And because we were superior to other species or genre of creatures, we took complete charge.

So far, so good. Now what? When we were in the amoeba stage, what did we do to bring about changes in our genetic map or DNA structure? Absolutely nothing. And this ‘absolutely nothing’ continued to occur  till we came to the human level. Suddenly we became aware of the inferiority of other animals and we divided them into domestic and wild animals. We did the same with vegetation as well. Branded plants as edible and poisonous. We extracted medicine from trees. We made other animals our food and play things (they too happily agreed to abide by our rules). Then we went ahead and divided ourselves as well – on the basis of color, looks. I did not bring religion in here because I am observing evolution from the scientist’s point of view. For as far as scientists are concerned, they cannot be bothered about how humans treat fellow humans and if it is found to be atrocious and unjust, even then they do not have any say in it. They can of course and at the most quote some aged, ancestor Scientist and state ‘ Struggle for existence, survival of the fittest’!

So right now, according to the scientists, we are in the ‘Struggle for existence’ phase and whoever among us survives, will be the fittest!

We have been as humans for a pretty long time now. If you observe the Geologic Time scale since 650 million years ago to present stage (see attached below), it is pretty clear that we have been on the human stage for quite some time now. So what next? Any ideas? Anyone?



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