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Career Myths you should not Believe in

Career Myths

This post is dedicated especially to those people who are tired of receiving tits and bits of career advices from their family members, relatives, friends and colleagues over and over again. You can’t actually blame them. Sadly, even we start believing in what we hear, and this is the reason why most of us end up struggling and becoming highly unsatisfied in our professional lives.

Myth #1. Your College Degree will Bring you a Job:

Students often get to hear that their college degrees will help them easily find jobs afterward. It used to be so, but now this statement does not exist. Yes, there was a time when a college degree was capable of opening numerous doors. Nowadays however, it is the experience which counts over a degree. This is the reason why students are found under-unemployed for months or even years, making them frustrated as they do not receive the pay-off which they were told would come.

Myth #2. When unsure of What to do, go to a Grad School:

Grad schools will work well if you are in need of enhancing your skills in a career which needs an advanced degree. Getting admitted in a grad school is just a waste of time and money if you are of the hope that it will direct you to a great career and make you more marketable. Most people come out of grad schools just in the same condition they were before, but this time with the burden of large student loans.

Myth #3. Be Passionate and Money will Follow:

All right, get real. It is not an easy task to match up your passions with the reality of the job market. You might be extremely passionate with painting or poetry, and perhaps you are quite good at it too. But your options are really limited when finding job opportunities in relation to those things. Only a few lucky ones get to do what they love. It’s better to play safe instead; go for something which will make you reasonably happy.

Myth #4. Start a Business if you can’t Find a Job:

Business is not for everyone because it is not about just buying and selling. There are numerous factors which are going to determine how successful you will end up being. There are plenty of uncertainties – and you need to be efficient in dealing with finances and marketing. Above all, you need to have something which will make people choose you over your competitors. Therefore, this is not for every other person who can not find a job or is unhappy with the way his career is shaping up.

Most people (generally older than you) think they know all about the job market. Their advices are valuable no doubt, but think twice before following them. You might wind yourself up in lifelong misery.


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