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Business Networking: Don't leave it for another day

Many a weird thought have taken the form of radical outcomes all throughout, so why fall back when something as crucial as business networking demands a better approach?

It is a 60/40 count we are talking about; a person must not neglect the potential of the 40% who are not directly linked to the business network he/she is trying to develop. It helps in maintaining a database, full of great contacts, even if your direct links move to different jobs. So these 10 tips are here to power up a networking venture – to tap in whenever there’s a requirement.

 It’s timorousness that often stops us focusing on a desired outcome and that’s because we do not know enough people to take our requests forward. Knowing a larger number of people in an industry eases up that process and gets you in acquaintance with the right contacts. You also need to see that your first contact is alone at the time when you are meeting to confront a joyful welcome.

To continue that spirit, your conversation must stay far from being dull. While asking about the job the person is into is a normal thing, it’s far more common getting lost for words. A good way to keep it flowing is letting the other person know more than your job title, using action verbs. This shall automatically be followed up by an exchange of business cards; make sure you write the date and event name on the card you received.

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