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Botox Treatment to Axe Relation

From a report of the Los Angeles Times it has been found that the Botox treatment though are capable of removing the fine lines and wrinkles but can spoil up your relationships. Wondering why? This is because it is leading to a failure of reading the emotions of your partner.

botoxA study published by the researchers of the Duke University and University of southern California (USC) point out that woman receiving the Botox treatment fail to read the body language and the facial expression of others.

Not just these, ones getting treatment fail to show their emotional expression due to the immobilization of the parts of their face.

The Botox users have been compared with the Restylane – an anti wrinkle agent. The later could read the facial expression with 77% accuracy while the former lagging behind by 7%.

David T. Neal – professor of USC psychology commented that the association between mind and body works in equal directions. Though most work centers on the mind’s power over our body, Neal indicated out this study put forward that the body provides feedback helping us to navigate the social race.

So, now it is the high time for you to think whether to opt for the younger looking skin or to opt for the slow end of all relations and living a lonely life with just your YOUNGER LOOK!!

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