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Study Reveals Way Decreasing the Risk of Autism

From a recent study it has been known that seasonal variation studies are on the way to provide some of the reason causing autism. Based on this research, it can be productive to follow exposure showing related seasonal patterns, like disease causing infections and dietary deficiencies.

However, it can be that conception is not at the time of vulnerability. It could for example be an exposure during pregnancy (in the third month or so), or during the second trimester, which can be very harmful. If that is the case, we might need to look for exposures that can occur a few months after conceptions having high risk.

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With each and every study dealing the autism, we are getting close to the disease, though the proper reason could not be found yet. Autism is becoming a terror for all would – be – mothers. Moreover a recent study states that the child taking birth during winter are more likely be autistic, rather than those in summers.

However exposure to pollutants can damage your unborn babies. So please be careful. Eat organic, wash fruits properly before consuming and avoid getting close to pesticides, harsh chemicals and sprays.

HBOT center – Wisconsin and many others have come forward for spreading the awareness of autism and we are looking forward to minimize its effect.

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