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Salary of a Hyperbaric Technologist

Over the years medical science has shown miraculous results. Today hyperbaric oxygen therapy has proven to be one of the most effective medical treatments under the sun. Some of the medical institutions across the world are proud advocates of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The therapy involves a process whereby the patient is enclosed in chamber and given an extra dose of oxygen that is introduced to the blood stream of the individual. The hyperbaric technologist assists the individual when the medical treatment takes place. The technician is the person who is responsible for the proper functioning of the equipments involved in the process. If you are interested in pursuing a career in hyperbaric medicine you have to fulfill some criteria. Before you are being selected for the hyperbaric medical training your qualification should comply with the requirements set by the employer.

The hyperbaric technologist acts as per the instructions given by the physician concerned. After monitoring the volume of oxygen needed by the patient the hyperbaric technologist uses equipments to administer oxygen. The average salary of the expert on an average is around $42000 per annum.


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