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Preserve youth and beauty for years –Add 5 essential products in our diet

Preserve Your Beauty
Preserve Your Beauty

According to researchers, a diet based on the following products will allow a woman to preserve youth and beauty for many years. Sticking to such diet will not be difficult! So dare, lovely ladies!

1. Salmon – your skin is elastic again

Salmon normally includes salmon fish family such as salmon, trout, whitefish, keta, pink salmon, trout, and some others. Salmon and all its relatives are called «fish for mind»: they contain fatty Omega-3 acids, essential for our body, they increase IQ, significantly reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, and raise spirits. Salmon is very nourishing fish, while relatively low-calorie. And, while salmon is considered fatty fish, it contains less fat, than most types of meat and this fat is very different. According to nutritionists, people should eat at least one portion of salmon a week.

2. Oysters – more calcium in the body

Oysters contribute to collagen formation and restore content of calcium in hair and nails. Experts believe these marine mollusks with a one-sided convex sink the greatest delicacy.

By the way, you can cook hot dishes from oysters. For example, you can fry them in friture or bake in the oven. You can add them in salads or make sandwiches with them. There are many recipes: oysters with mushrooms in a sauce with white wine, oysters with mushrooms baked with a milk sauce, oysters with lemon juice, oysters with vegetables, oysters with champagne sauce, soup with oysters and spinach, chowder with oysters and corn, and much more.

3. Bilberry – restore skin cells and vessels

Bilberry is a healing berry, it contains up to 6% sugar, up to 7% – tanning agents, citric and malic acids, vitamin C, carotene, trace elements, as well as organic dye – antocin. Bilberry improves not only sight. It turns out that this berry can be a wonderful solution to problems associated with memory and attention. These useful properties are explained by availability of phytochemicals in it. Flavonoids, especially anthocyanin and flavonol, influence memory through improving brain cells work. In doing so, link between cells is balanced and regeneration of nerve fibers is promoted.

During the season of blueberries, you should try to eat it fresh, as much as possible, and dry for winter. Collected berries are eaten fresh with milk and in the form of puree – with sugar. You can prepare syrups, juices, jams, paste, marmalade, liqueurs, soft drinks, jams, etc.

4. Kiwi fruit – say no to wrinkles!

Dietitians of Texas studied properties of 30 different fruits and vegetables and concluded that kiwi is the most useful of them. It contains collagen that reduces wrinkles.

1 kiwi fruit contains: daily dose of vitamin C – 75 mg, 0.3 g fat, 11 g carbohydrate, 1 g protein, 2.6 g fiber, 4 mg sodium and no cholesterol. And all this just in 46 calories.

Tropical fruit kiwi is also an effective tool for “cleaning” blood vessels and prevention of thrombosis. According to a study conducted by scientists from Norway, kiwi contains substances splitting fatty acids and reducing their number in blood.

High content of potassium makes kiwi an indispensable while high blood pressure. Several fruits eaten after a heavy lunch will help getting rid of feeling of heaviness in stomach, heartburn.

Kiwi is also irreplaceable in a diet. Kiwifruit, like pineapple, contains lots of enzymes that are involved in accelerating of fat combustion and contribute to formation of collagen fibers. So kiwi is ideal for handling days and as a light snack.

5. Walnut – more elasticity to your skin

Walnuts contain a group of vitamins A, E, B, R, C, minerals (potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, iodine). Walnuts are 60% composed from fat, but these are mainly unsaturated fats, which contain almost no cholesterol. In addition, walnuts – are an excellent source of protein, which could replace animal proteins.

Walnuts are very high-calorie. So, mature nuts are about 2 times more caloric than wheat bread.100 g walnut contain approximately 650 kcal (more than in a bar of chocolate!). For this reason, one should not eat more than 2-3 kernels a day.

6. Dark chocolate – save your figure

Bitter chocolate is known to be very useful, since it influences cardiovascular activity of body and condition of brain.

But there is another plus: Danish doctors claim – bitter chocolate contributes to preservation of shape. Experts from the University of Copenhagen established, it is bitter, but not milk chocolate creates a feeling of satiety for long, what discourages thirst for sweet, fatty or salty foods.

Source – Woman’s Passions – Lifestyle Magazine.

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