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Be aware of false weight loss products

Well, let’s make a couple of things clear right at the first place:

  1. This post is from someone who doesn’t carry a lot of weight.
  2. The post is not meant for throwing around a lot of weight.
  3. The post is not about hyping any particular weight loss product(s); it’s about conveying the right information so that the reader may find what suits his or her body constitution the best.

Almost everyday, upon opening the newspaper (or magazines or the TV), we come across advertisements that speak of miraculous weight loss product(s) or some magic procedures to lose weight without putting in much effort. This is a world where all want ready made solutions to their problems and this is what even the weight loss industry has opted for of recent. But think logically; if you are transferred to Hell’s Kitchen within the next 24 hours from uptown New York or Manhattan, would you be able to adapt to the lifestyle there readily? A sharp paradigm shift may leave you a mental wreck within no time and your body, just an extension of your existence, shall object the same way if forced to accept some radical change without any prior preparation. No doubt, such miraculous measures may provide you with short-term benefits and depending on the body constitution, may actually benefit a certain number of people, but what we want is a hassle-free, long-term solution.

Spot the difference between original & fake

So the first lesson is: Believe what they say about how to lose weight but trust not unless your gut feelings say so. Often we see that products that sound too good to be true is not when it comes down to practicality; if we follow what the FTC has to say, we shall find that pills, patches and creams are not as effective as they claim to be.

Most of these weight loss products comprise synthetic testosterone as active ingredient that burns down fat initially but also makes your system face a shock; if your body adjusts to it, you are in for more trouble in the future. Unless you continue usage, you are bound to accumulate more weight in the future. Exercises increase your natural testosterone levels and lipolysis sets in without the body becoming aware all in a sudden; the increased levels also set the quantity of testosterone that your system requires to keep weight under check. The effect is a long-term one.

What are false claims made by fake weight loss products?

The first one is definitely the (in) famous Lose 30 pounds in 30 days, which is practically impossible in a healthy way or unless you’ve experienced agastric bypass surgerylosing a pound a day is impossible. Even it was, it would beextremelyunhealthy. Losing weight more than a pound a week is a serious threat to overall health that may alter your BMR and your biorhythm, giving rise to further complications later on. Instead, how about a little exercising,eating fewer caloriesand yes, a little bit of light and music therapy? High frequency waves have been proven to burn fat and they have no side effects, besides, they also cost less than some of the most miraculous weight loss products. Give it a try; if it doesn’t work out, there is no dearth of able physicians in the country.

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