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Autism: Why Prevention is Better than Cure

Autism is just another mystery which has troubled thousands or may be millions of families across the globe. Not even the latest technology been able to determine what actually triggers autism in individuals. Nowadays autism is viewed as an epidemic gripping the world fast. I have just read an article where experts have come across some strong clues as to what hinders the growth of autism in individuals. Researchers are of the opinion environmental factors and genetic traits during pregnancy triggers the problem. Today mothers are trying their level best to conceive a healthy baby; they’ll do anything to prevent it. Autism Awareness has prompted young mothers to take care of their unborn baby.

Some of the basic changes to experience a safe and healthy pregnancy are given below:

Food Habits before conceiving:

1)      Eating organic foodstuff as possible

2)      Shifting to a an improved diet chart

3)      Eating Lean protein, vegetables, naturally grown grains and nuts.

4)      Discarding white foods like breads, pasta, pizza, sugar and more

During Conception:

1)      Drinking purified water from a stainless steel bottle

2)      Eating small fish

3)      Improving ventilation of rooms

4)      Drinking fresh vegetable juice

5)      Adding  vitamin D3 to support healthy growth of cardio-vascular and immune systems

Don’t just think, start having them from now on to give birth to healthy child.


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