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Wisconsin Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy- not accepted by all

I have read several articles on hyperbaric oxygen therapy yet was unable to understand why still people are unsure if the therapy really works. I have also come across Wisconsin Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy that has cured many. This is because of some constraints in the society; there are still people across the globe, unaware that such a blissful treatment still exists in a polluted world. There is only a handful few offering hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It’s quite obvious that medical experts having less knowledge on HBOT wouldn’t take the initiative to recommend patients to take a dive. This hinders the publicity of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Wisconsin Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Moreover establishing a medical school offering hyperbaric facilities can get expensive because of the high cost of chambers. Though the monoplace chambers cost a bit low, the multiplace chambers may cost around a whopping $150,000, also there are only a few medical institutes which accept reimbursement on HBOT. The hourly fees of a single session of 1 hour may cost around $150 which may shot up to $1000 as well.

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