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What is illusion of control?

Human beings are prone to suffer from millions of health disorders. While some are curable some aren’t. Today I am here to talk about a peculiar mental syndrome that actually affects people’s way of thinking; it called the illusion of control. A researcher has revealed that sometimes people start believing that can actually take control over outcomes. In such cases people actually begin to behave like as if their mental or physical strength is capable of influencing or controlling a forthcoming event or occurrence. Such mental disorder actually causes a man to think that he is in control of the entire situation by dint of skill cues.


The syndrome is most common in CEO of multi-national companies who have a routine habit of overestimating their skills and hold over a particular subject. This may occur in case of common man who has been promoted to greater and better status. If you have someone suffering from illusion of control you can take your subject along with you. Today there is treatment for psychotic disorders in Irvine and these specialists take absolute care of the individuals suffering from such conditions.

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