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The Sure Shot Way To World Peace!

If you are really really interested in achieving World Peace…..

Hi readers!

You must have read my previous posts where I have talked about our subtle body system and how the dormant spiritual energy can be awakened and we achieve our self realization or enlightenment the Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

The world has to awaken to this Spiritual Awareness. The energy centers (chakras) of our world correspond to the qualities of the chakras. When enlightenment/ self realization/spiritual awakening happens in mass scale, the world stands healed!

Grab this life time opportunity. Get yourself awakened spiritually. Get your self realization. NOW.

Arise, Awake – Stop Not Till You Get Your Self Realization!

Get ready to play your spiritual role in the upliftment of the world – to the next evolutionary stage.

And as you increase in number – you begin healing your respective nations- thereby healing the energy centers of the world subtle body! yes – it is as simple as that!

See the infographic below and find out what location you belong to and what may be your responsibilities!

world subtle-map-aumaparna

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