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Subtle Healing of Zodiac Signs – Pisces :: 3rd & 6th / Solar & Throat Chakra


(19 February-20 March)

Ruling planet: Jupiter and Neptune
Group: Mutable
Colour: Water green

Positive characteristics: sensitive, compassionate, strong imagination, artistic inspiration, creative, good at heart, faith in God

Negative or weak aspects: lack of will power, indecisive, lacking in self confidence, dreamy, avoids reality, feels sorry for himself

Energy center: the third Nabhi and sixth Agnya chakra


Very compassionate, calm and understanding

Very compassionate, calm and understanding. Can be effected by outer influences easily because of its sensitivity and can get hurt. Retreats into a dream world often due to strong imagination. Tends to avoid reality by doing so. Sweet and sacrificing. Tries to help less fortunate people because of its good heart and compassion.

Very sensitive, strong instincts and very understanding of the feelings of others. Their outer appearance and behaviour makes them seem as if they come from another world. Does not have a fighting nature and so always stays away from arguments. Forgiving and peace loving. Their slow movements that avoid hurrying can be called laziness at times.

Humorous, well liked by friend

Humorous, well liked by friends. Spread positive energy with their joyful attitude. Could withdraw into its own shell at times. Insecurity is among the traits of this sign.

There area also Pisces people who feel sorry for themselves, who are afraid to take action, who lack in willpower and wo take up addictions like drinking because they do not want to face the truth. Feels indecisive often because it is a member of the changing group of signs. This makes them go into a state of seeking often, become undecided about what they want and feel disappointed.

Very artistic and creative

Very artistic and creative. You can see natives of this sign deal with more than one field of arts at a time. Arts are very good for Pisces people to manifest their sensitive nature and strong imagination. The last sign of Pisces is the sign of highest love and universal oneness. This turns into spiritual oneness at later ages of life. Is a water sign and therefore has a deep understanding of the feelings of others and relates with their pain and tries to help them.

Pisces is influenced by Jupiter & Neptune

Pisces is influenced by Jupiter, which rules our third chakra, and Neptune, which is related with our sixth chakra. Jupiter makes Pisces people generous, faithful in God and seekers. By clearing out their nabhi chakra, the sensitive Pisces can manage to stay in balance, stay above illusions and be one with himself. A bad diet and bad habits like drinking harms this chakra and destroys the sensitivity and inner balance of the third chakra. Such a person could easily lose touch with reality and do wrong things. This is why Pisces people must pay attention to their diet.

Natives of this sign are also vulnerable to putting on weight. We can maintain an ideal weight by strengthening our satisfaction and being careful about what we eat at the third chakra. The third chakra and Jupiter give us a seeking for truth. Pisces people are also strong seekers. Their life assumes a universal integrity as they realize themselves. Meditation is very good for this sign. Sharing this with other people will manifest greater satisfaction.

Neptune affects our sixth chakra, the Agnya

Neptune affects our sixth chakra, the Agnya, which is located on our forhead. The keywords of the sixth chakra are forgiveness, compassion and simplicity. Feeling sorry for one’s self, pessimism, negative feelings from the past and conditionings affect our sixth chakra negatively. Clearing this center will purify our mind of unnecessary thougths and emotions and will help us feel universal oneness within ourselves.

Pisces people can use their innate forgiveness and compassion to value both themselves and others. By developing self respect they can experience universal love and spirituality in a more healthy way and can be of great benefit both to themselves and humanity.



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