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Disposing Off Your Old And Outdated Tablet Is Not So Difficult After All

Purchasing a new tablet does not necessarily entail that your old one has to be forgotten in a desolate corner and allowed to gather dust. You can delete all the data, and then donate it or even resell it. Whatever it is that you decide to do, ensure that you take a backup of all the data that you have stored in the tablet before getting rid of it.

Clean It

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For iPad users, it is important to save heir iTunes, so that they can later access them from other Apple devices. This is what they should do.

  • Launch the Settings’ menu and then tap the General tab.
  • Click on Reset, choosing the ‘ Erase all Content and Settings’ option.
  • Type in password if asked.
  • Tap on Erase, that will delete all data and media, and reset the settings.

Android users have to be prepared all their data while restoring the factory settings of their tablets. The process is irreversible and tablet users will lose all their personal data.

  • Tap on the Menu tab of the tablet.
  • Select Settings, followed by Privacy.
  • Access the Factory-Data-Reset option and then decide whether you wish to delete all the data from both the tablet and microSD Card, or from only one of them.
  • By tapping on the Erase Everything option, you will confirm that you wish to delete all the data from your device.

If you follow these steps, then the new user will not have any access to the information you used to store in the tablet.

Sell It

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There are lots of e-commerce websites on which you can sell your tablet, provided it is in good shape. RadioShack, Best Buy and Amazon are some of the places where you can start.

The Recycling Program of Apple gives Apple-Gift-Card credits worth 105 dollars for 16GB Wi-Fi, first generation iPads a press time, while second and third generation iPads are priced at 175 dollars and 200 dollars respectively.

Android tablets, however, do not retain their value in the same fashion as Apple products.

Donate It

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If you want to be simply generous and not make any profits, then there are numerous platforms on which you can donate your old tablet. The Apple Store program allows iPad users to donate their models, which are then given to the Teach For America project. Other charitable platforms would include Computers with Causes, The Digital Office, Recycling for Charities etc.

There are ways of disposing your old tablets rather than just forgetting them altogether. Be careful to safeguard your data before you take the next step of selling or donating it.


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