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8 Top Premature Ejaculation Control Techniques

Control Prematre Ejaculation
Control Premature Ejaculation

Learning to control premature ejaculation without the use of drugs or desensitizers involves learning to read the signals your body is giving you, knowing when you are about to ejaculate, and stop premature ejaculation by pulling back from that point..

In order to cure premature ejaculation and last longer in bed, you need to focus on certain exercises and try to practice them daily if possible.

Some techniques to stop premature ejaculation :

  1. Use a stroking technique.
    This is the best method for these exercises as it most closely approximates penetration. Don’t think about premature ejaculation or trying to last longer in bed. Just pay attention to the physical sensations in your penis and pelvic area as your masturbating.
  2. Try to notice the “tickling” sensation prior to ejaculation.
    As you get close to ejaculation pay particular attention to the physical sensations in your body. Try to notice the “tickling” sensation that occurs just before you ejaculate. Once you know what that feeling is like, you can concentrate on the feelings that occur just before this stage, when it is still possible to stop premature ejaculation.
  3. Get comfortable recognizing the “tickling” sensation.
    Continue masturbating without trying to last longer or think of anything special. Just pay close attention to how your body feels as you become more excited, and to recognizing the “tickling” feelings. Do this for at least the next three times you masturbate. To control premature ejaculation, don’t stop yourself from ejaculating, just try to recognize the “tickling” feeling, and the feeling in your body just before the tickling feeling.
  4. Start and stop masturbating to learn control.
    Once you can tell when the “tickling” sensation is going to come you’re ready to begin the exercises. Try to avoid fantasizing more than necessary, and don’t use lubricant or sex toys while doing these exercises .
  5. Begin stimulation while paying close attention to the physical sensations in your body.
    Wondering how to prolong ejaculation – well masturbate until you start to feel turned on and have an erection. Then stop the stimulation for at least 15 seconds and concentrate on the feelings of decreasing excitement in your body.
  6. Continue until you get close to the “tickling” sensation.
    Begin to masturbate again, and continue to start and stop periodically until you feel you are getting as close to the “tickling” stage as possible. When you feel yourself getting close stop until you feel you are back in control.
  7. Don’t worry if you lose your erection.
    You may lose your erection when you stop the stimulation, but just start again. You may need to use fantasy to get excited again, but once you’re turned on, try to focus on your body. Bring yourself close to the tickling point three times. After this you can just masturbate until you ejaculate. This may help to cure and know how to stop pre mature ejaculation.

Once you feel comfortable, include a partner.
If you are in a relationship, ultimately you need to bring your partner into the exercises. Don’t rush this, but once you feel confident with your ability to know when to stop and wait until you regain control, you can involve your partner in the exercises and last longer in bed.

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