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US Aid in Malaria Reduction Helped Africa Too

It is from a latest news in upi . com that I came to know that the number of deaths due to malaria is decreasing in U.S. It was really becoming a major issue since 2000, when the number of death recorded – 985,000!

Thanks to our almighty and the combined effort of the U.S. Government, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, National Government, and World Bank for taking up the large scale malaria treatment and preventive measures since 2005. This helped to cut down the number of deaths from 985,000 to 781,000 (as per the report states – 2000 to 2009). This information has been put forward by the World Health Organization World Malaria Report.

The report also opined that these preventive measures have also helped to decrease the effect of malaria in Africa too. One of the major health problem found in Africa is due to the effect of malaria here almost 80% of the death occur due to malaria within the children ageing below 5. It leads them to the cruel grasp of death. A Malaria initiative funding has been taken for 2006-2009 and $1.265 has been requested as an aid.

Some of the economists also put forward the statement that the disease counts a loss of $12 billion which is approximately 1.3% of the country’s G.D.P.

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