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Things to do before Using your Personal Facebook Profile as a Marketing Tool

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Have you ever tried using your personal Facebook profile to meet your business goals? No, I guess! Facebook is ideally designed for managing your personal and social life. In that case, you might surely have considered setting up (or maybe you already have) a Facebook Page for your business which will be used to interact with your customers.

But, did you know that your business will do just fine without a Facebook Page; your personal Facebook profile can prove to be more than sufficient. Using your personal profile to connect with your target audience through sharing industry news, events, and blog posts is a great way to begin.

But before you begin, there are a few important things you need to keep in mind in order to get maximum benefits for your business through your personal Facebook profile. Read on to find some quick tips-

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#1. Do not Reveal things which are not Required
By turning on the ‘Subscribe’ button, you will be able to keep your personal things personal. Its prime benefit is that people subscribed to you will be able to see your public status updates without being a friend. Also make good use of your ‘Privacy Settings’, and keep personal things between you and your friends.

#2. Areas to Look After before going Public
The most important area to update is your Timeline cover photo because it is the first to leave an impression upon your customers. You do not need to advertise your business however. It should just be something little more professional, giving a good reflection of you.

Next, you need to keep your ‘Current Employer’ section always up-to-date as it the first thing which comes after your Profile Photo. In the ‘Contact Info’ section, list the links of your main websites (blog, official business website, other social profiles) and make them visible to all.

#3. Use ‘Friends Finder’
‘Friends Finder’ feature allows you to use your e-mail or Skype name to search for contacts that are present in Facebook. You may also look up to the ‘People You May Know’ section to see people with whom you have mutual friends in common.

#4. Start Participating in Groups
Another great way to gain exposure is by participating in Facebook groups chats. You need to find the most suitable groups related to your own industry and ask the moderator to let you join. Your presence will allow you to explore more and attract customers to your business.

Above all, stay in touch with your target audience. Be interactive and have a friendly disposition. This will make sure that when you are all set to start, it will not take long for people to subscribe you and take interest in your business.


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