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What is Transformative Media?

Transformative Media

According to Ideal Media:

Bringing together changemakers, storytellers and media professionals to innovate and collaborate for a peaceful and prosperous world!

We define transformational media as media created from a space of clarity and insight with the intention to inspire positive change. This could be change on a personal or social level.

The key aspects in creating transformational media are the positive intention behind it and its potential to create transformational change.

The transformative media form could be :

  • a newspaper article,
  • book,
  • feature film,
  • painting,
  • poetry or
  • dance performance.

There is an art to creating this kind of media content which comes from the creator accessing their authenticity and unique voice.

Working to create media content in this way produces content that is multi-dimensional and has depth. It also has the capacity to challenge the reader / viewer to go beyond usual ways of thinking and acting and thus having transformative potential.



Aimed at positive and progressive change, transformational artworks, in the form of songs, films prove to be more effective. Animation and games also contribute to bring in that most required positive change in the society.










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