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Social Media Bullying – Ways to Tackle It

Social media bullying is the use of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to harass, threaten and humiliate an individual or a business. However like traditional bullying, bullying through social media does not require physical strength. Anyone with an Internet connection to his computer or mobile phone can bully someone else, that also with an option of keeping his identity a secret at times.

In social media websites, what adds to the humiliation is that the number of spectators is not limited. The act can range from an office colleague posting one of your secretly-taken photos and tagging you in it, to a customer badmouthing your business in its official social media page. No matter what it is, you are sure to be in a lot of discomfort as your reputation is at a high risk of getting hampered.

In these cases, it is necessary that you should NEVER seek “revenge”. Or else, you become a bully yourself. Always remember the golden rule: “Do not say it online, if you do not want to say it in person”.

#1. Do not Start a Fight

It is the worst possible thing for you or your business. This will eventually attract more potential bullies and more viewers to the conversation. Do not reply when you are upset or angry. Be calm and confident. It will be enough to exhaust the attackers.

#2. Always have a Polite Tone

Act like a grown-up. A friendly and civilized way is always better than shouting. React in a civil and polite way. Make them realize that you do not like what has happened, and chances are high they will co-operate.

#3. Bring out your Sense of Humor

An aggressive reaction from you is what an attacker normally seeks. Remember that the war of humor is the best and safest one. What you can do is simply laugh at it. Sensing a jovial tone from you, the attacker will surely lose interest sooner or later.

With social media bullying acts increasing day by day, have you ever faced the heat? Be sensible and do not behave like a vulnerable teenager. Always think of the possible consequences and choose the right path.


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