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Facebook Graph Search: Small Businesses Can Outsmart Bigger Ones

When you are looking for something fervently, it means you want it just near you. Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO probably had that in mind while the idea of Facebook graph search dawned on his mind. According to him, this is the new big thing of local search. He started thinking about the potentialities of local businesses. Can they oust the large business houses when the resources of such small businesses are put together?

Now they can but only after the Graph Search gets officially launched. Last week Zuckerberg announced this feature at a press conference. People get to search for pages, their friends and different locations simply through Facebook shares and likes. Once this Graph Search is put to use, users will be able to get much localised and relevant results. The feature has specially been designed to increase engagement of the members on Facebook. Moreover, around 1 billion employees of Facebook get a new improved way of online search.

The Idea Behind the Creation was…………

Zuckerberg has been constantly evolving himself since the inception of Facebook in 2004. Like many other features of Facebook, Facebook Graph Search is a result of his constant researches on consumer behavior and business hierarchy. That is why, these days people keep an eager eye on what this social networking site comes up with next. He always have a few questions linger in his mind. Those are:

In what possible way does a consumer want to connect to another one?

How can good companies outsmart the bad ones?

Do they want to lead or are just happy following?

Facebook gets evolved when Mark Zuckerberg tries to find out answers to these questions. General perception is, Facebook was initially created for desktops and not for the mobile. So, it does not put enough emphasis on features for mobile. Some also question the wizard’s purpose behind creating Facebook. Truth is, Zuckerberg has his hand on the web browse’s pulse and. Facebook users have already started feeling the change.

A Trouble for……..

Mark Zuckerberg is trying to find out the answers from the users. The companies with no online presence and bad customer service are not going to find a place in this. Businesses with deceptive practice are going to suffer. It is not an app through which only big businesses are going to benefit. Large businesses often do away with their perks, cut jobs by out-sourcing services, increase price of goods and stop re-investing.

Trouble is for them. Graphic Search will give consumers a platform to choose what they like best. Customers are the best to select who is the best. Even local businesses and small entreprenures having good relationship with their consumers can win a place in the list.

It Tracks Your Actions and ……

This feature will offer search results on the basis of your previous searches they have already monitored. This will help in finding results more relevant to your searches and requirement. The search is based largely on your Facebook preferences and likes. You can filter your search by creating a relevant question. It won’t be a very big problem to use the feature as it is still in its beta stage and no plans for monetizing ids yet their.

It Helps SEO by……

Facebook has already started taking over a large portion of the search market of Google. Facebook does search engine optimization the same way it has always been done on Internet. The new thing about it is likes, posts and shares will be on the list of search results. This can largely influence the buying decision of the Facebook users. In order to feature on the list, small business need to create contents that is able to promote shares, likes, etc.

Feel the Pulse, Grab The Market

Small organizations cannot afford to spend a large amount on market research. Customers do not leave their brand loyalty pretty often. It is very important to know what the customers are looking for. A quick look at the other favorite places for them to shop can enlighten you. So, a bit of diligence and information on Facebook and Graph Search can help you in the process of conversion and customer retention as well.


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