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Sahaja Yoga – How to effectively spread spiritual knowledge in schools?

How to introduce Sahaja Yoga in schools?

Let us discuss how we can effectively spread true spiritual knowledge especially in schools. Since I practice Sahaja Yoga (SY) and I am sure about its authenticity, I would obviously recommend this to be introduced at schools (though many schools both in India and abroad are already practicing SY).  Schools can be the best place where the subtle divine system can be taught, discussed and practiced. But this has to be done rather slowly and steadily otherwise any true or authentic wisdom can either turn useless or dangerous if not handled properly.

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So let us go step wise.

I – Meeting with school authorities and teachers

The very first step would be to have a meeting with the Principal. The principal needs to be told about the subtle system. We have many websites relating to Sahaja Yoga. Couple of them should be given for reference purposes and a date needs to be fixed where the teachers and other admin authorities will have an elaborate discussion with Sahaja yogis. Once the queries are over, the senior SY can then make them go through the brief meditation where divine cool breeze is actually felt. Introductory booklets need to especially made for this purpose and distributed to the teachers along with the list of addresses where SY is being practiced. This should be done so that teachers can check out from their respective localities and meet other SYs to find out more about this knowledge and further satisfy their inquisitiveness.

Arrangements should be made in such a way that every once a week, the teachers and SYs should assemble for collectivity and can practice collective meditation.

This is the first and the most important phase of introducing Sahaja yoga at schools. It is only when all the teachers are fully confident about this path of spiritual evolution, esp. when they personally begin to experience the miracles of the divine, that it can proceed further. This should ideally take 2-3 months.

II. Sending Sahaja yoga circulars to parents

Before introducing SY directly to students, the parents need to be well aware of what the child is being taught. The circular can have the web address or the class teacher can give the nearest location of the SY center to each student . Alternatively, the list of local addresses can be put up in the class so that students can write the address closest to his or her residence. A parent-teacher meeting can be held where each class teacher can talk about SY. Even better would be that a date may be fixed where parents can also be initiated in SY. Countries like India that happen to be a secular state, both parents and teachers may have strong mental blocks and conditionings. These need to be sorted first before children are initiated into the beautiful world of spirituality!

Why schools are deemed best for spreading Sahaja Yoga?

Simply because not only students but even the parents can benefit and attend collectivity in assembly ground of school premises. This way parental involvement will also increase which is very important for the proper development of a child. Also spiritual knowledge is for all – parents, grandparents and children. What can be a better situation when the entire family will sit together, meditate and discuss their respective spiritual experience from this new found authentic knowledge of Sahaja Yoga?


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