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Introducing the 13th System – The Subtle System – Kundalini Energy

Introducing  The 13th System also called The Subtle System – Kundalini Energy 

We have been introduced to various systems in our body since our childhood. Let us get a quick re-cap on the names and functions of the 12 systems:

1. Integumentary system

-largest sensory organ
-vitamin D syntheses
-protects deeper tissue
-regulates fluid and blood loss

2. Skeletal system

-stores calcium
-frame work for the body
-protects vital organs
-produces red blood cells


3. Muscular system

-generates heat
-creates movement
-maintains posture
-uses energy

4. Immune System

-portions of many different systems that fight disease

5. Lymphatic System

-picks up fluids leaked from the capillaries
-supports immune systems: houses white blood cells

6. Cardiovascular System

-transportation of nutrients and gas waste
-supports immune function

7. Urinary system

-get rid of nitrogenous waste out of blood
-regulated electrolytes, fluid and pH balance

8. Digestive system

-breaks down food into the building blocks for the body

9. Respiratory system

-portions moistens and heats air
-gas exchange

10. Nervous system

-sensory input
-interpretation of input or thought
-elicit and signal responses
-coordination of muscles

11. Endocrine System

-secrets hormones that regulate growth, metabolism and general body function.

12. Reproductive System

-production off spring
-production of hormones

We are pretty well aware of our existing systems and with little care towards ourselves, we can take good care in maintaining the proper functionality of each system.

Let me now introduce the 13th System – The Subtle System

It is a system present in each and every human being. Just like all the above mentioned organs and systems are present in every human being irrespective of caste, creed or color – similarly the subtle system (Kundalini energy) present in us is responsible for connecting us to our creator –the One Universal Divine Source of our existence – that people belonging to different regions of the world tend to address with different names! Yes, I am talking about God, Allaha, Almighty!

This may come to many as a surprise but believe me folks, I bring to you a knowledge that is as ancient as our civilization! Just like we are born with all the organs and systems, so are we born with the right to manifest of our own divinity through this subtle system that is also known as Kundalini Energy or Shakti or the dormant divine serpent energy situated at the base of our spine.

The various myths about Kundalini Shakti or Kundalini Energy

Often you must have heard about tantric practices (black magic) that link itself to this name and people over the ages have developed a very wrong idea about this pure divine force. Yes, I do agree that this system has been kept secretive for long because there are many wicked and selfish souls in our world who misuse power and like to dominate the weaker links of the creation. But one thing is for sure – in the eyes of the Creator, we all are one.  Thus this system is present in all of us and we just need to awaken this sleeping divinity within us.

Another infamy brought to this subtle system is its link to sex. As I have clearly shown in the above 12 systems, reproductive system has been allotted the function of sex. Sex need not be associated at all with the manifestation of our divinity – our rightful connection with God. Does the reproductive system interfere with – let’s say the circulatory system or the respiratory system or any other system for the matter? It does’ nt. So why would it have any role in the manifestation of our divinity that is brought about by the awakening of kundalini shakti? Did you see the logic ? Do you agree that ‘sex’ has nothing to do with ‘spirituality’? Good.

The guidance of a SadhGuru – Prime most important factor in kundalini awakening

Many people have suffered in the past trying to awaken the divine energy by reading books, practicing pranayama or following some fraud or false Guru! We have had enough examples of gurus who turned out to be even worse than terrorists trying to malign our very souls and leaving us broken into several pieces! This resulted in people getting averse to divinity and the belief factor got broken into more than million pieces!

What we have to definitely understand here is that spirituality is not to be taken lightly or as a hobby. It is a serious subject that you should know about – for the betterment of your own self first – followed by the positive growth, development and betterment of the entire world. You see little drops of water make the mighty ocean…and so would single blissful realized (completely aware of oneself)  souls will make the world beautiful and peaceful.

How I came across the authentic knowledge of self realization through the subtle system-

I have written an article on this before and you may read it here –

The story of my seeking of the divine.

The subtle System
The subtle System

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3 thoughts on “Introducing the 13th System – The Subtle System – Kundalini Energy

  1. Dear Aparna-ji,

    You have written clearly and simply about the body’s systems and the subtle system. You could have written just a bit about the subtle system, as a taster to arouse interest in the reader. Also, there is no guidance as to how one can find a sadhguru. You could elaborate on that. As you know, there are still so many false gurus still flourishing all over the place! But a new seeker won’t know that.


    1. Anyone who is a true seeker will eventually reach his sadhguru. I think innocence is the greatest quality required to qualify even ‘seeking the Sadhguru’! How many humans can say that they stand by truth come whatever may? hardly any I htink. They will blame it on the work environment etc. I have seen children lie so blatantly and convincingly that all I can do is ‘pity’ thier state …what can children do when they see parents lying all the time!? and what kind of priorities do we have nowadays? hardly anyone will even know the concept of sadhguru..leave alone seeking fro one!!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Mr. Surajit. I have written articles here under category ‘Education’ where one may find lot many articles regarding what you have said.

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