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Red Wine in Moderation Can Help You Lead a Healthy Life

Your doctors always suggest you to stay away from alcohol. Did you know that a few occasional glasses can cause more benefit than damage to your health? Read on to discover how a certain level of red wine present in your diet can help you fighting with increased level of cholesterol and different heart diseases.

Checks Insomnia:

If you often suffer from lack of sleep, red wine can help you to a large extent. Melatonin, present in red wine helps you getting proper sleep no matter how many issues bother you to deprive you of enough sleep.

A remedy to check tooth decay:

A little amount of red wine every day after dinner can keep tooth decay at bay as this drink is known for hardening the enamel over teeth. This results in lesser growth of bacteria on teeth and as a result, you get stronger teeth. Polyphenol, present in red wine reduces gum diseases.

Healthy glowing skin & strong bones:

Different antioxidants present in red wine help in slowing down aging process. They also help your skin to remain free from wrinkles and fine lines. Drinking a little amount of red wine everyday keeps your bones strong and your body free from type 2 diabetes.

Protect Heart with wine:

You heard it right. Your doctor probably ask you to cut on the consumption of alcohol rich drinks for the sake of your heart. But, red wine reduces accumulation of saturated fat in the arteries to a large extent. The antioxidant Resveratrol, present in red wine helps in preventing fat accumulation in blood vessels. Saponins and flavonoids are other antioxidants that help you having a healthy heart. Remember that red wine is beneficial for your health only when taken in small quantities. When drunk in moderation, it increases HDL, i.e. good cholesterol in blood.

Stay Away from Cancer:

Red wine has been found to be beneficial in preventing breast cancer. Guercetin, present in red wine prevents lung cancer. Resveratrol that helps having healthy heart also prevents the growth of any cancerous cell.

Helps in Breathing:

The biggest menace common cold causes is probably blocked nose and as a result, trouble in breathing. According to a report in American Journal of Epidemiology, people drinking red wine has forty-four percent lesser chance of suffering from cold than those who did not drink it.

No matter what health benefits this tasty version of wine has, it is important to take it in moderation, which is 150ml. One serving should not contain more than that. But, if you are already suffering from any disease, it is best to take a doctor’s advice before drinking red wine regularly.


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