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PPC Management – Dos & Don’ts


However, genius we might think we are at our PPC management, we do make some MAJOR errors that ruins the chances of success of our PPC campaigns. You invest a lot of money into it and you end up with nothing. That’s called bad business. And that’s exactly what happens to lot of newcomers in this crazy wicked online biz world. They come to know about the promises of the PPC marketing and they jump into the bandwagon. But seldom do they know how to wear their seat belts properly, unless they are guided by some company who specializes in helping people wearing the seat belts and in turn, a smooth ride, in exchange of exorbitant rates.

But you don’t have to pay such heavy prices to start with your PPC campaigns. Here’s a list of few basic mistakes that you need to avoid when you are into PPC management.
Keywords – These are the ‘key’ to success of your PPC campaigns and undoubtedly the most important factor to look after, in your PPC management process. Go for strong, emotion-appealing words or phrases that your demographic market uses to search in the search engines. Going for the long tail is not needed, according to me. You will automatically be yanked up in the first page of search results, depending on your bid. If you are aiming at the long tail keywords, you are being specific and that might lose some percentage of your traffic. So, going for the most competitive keywords will be profitable. Then again, it does depend on your budget and exact need as well. Think it through.

Ad copy – Some people just don’t know how to create well structured, mind appealing PPC ad copies. Just putting your keywords in any haphazard fashion isn’t going to get you any results. You got to put some emotion into it. People will feel when they read it. It makes you into PPC ad copy stand out from the rest of your competitors.

Landing page – Let’s just imagine you are the surfer. You want to find good dating books to buy. You find some PPC ad and you click on it, and you are led to some online dating service. What would you do? You would leave that site immediately. Give them what you promise to them, what they want. Don’t hoax.

Finally, test, test and test. You should try out a lot of variations. Stick to what works and dispense with whatever seems to be crap.

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