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Most common weight loss myths

The recent trend of everything going under the name of fat loss, if not anything else is stupid, but isn’t it the same with all trends? From fashion to pop music, stupidity rules supreme since people have now started thinking less and aping more. If you are not a part of the fad, you are plain backdated. But think otherwise, who in the world got the most attention for holding up the grounds for own preferences? There are myriad names that we may drop and these people were later given the honor of being the pioneers in their respective fields of expertise. So it’s high time that you start to lose weight in a way that’s not going to take its toll on your present bodily systems and keep you safe and sound for the days ahead.

6 common weight loss myths

The first step taken towards effective fat loss and adopted by many is cutting down completely on carbohydrate intake. It’s a common weight loss myth that lower the carb intake faster is the rate of fat loss. Yes, that’s true, but until you find one morning that you have a buzzing head and willing to spend the rest of the day in bed. The brain functions on glucose and only the extra carbohydrates accumulates as fat; therefore, when you are depriving your system completely from carbohydrates, you start losing energy and your blood sugar level drops drastically, making you feel hungrier than ever and you tend to overeat. The net result is therefore, ZERO.

So eat fewer calories and taper down your refined carbohydrate intakes over several weeks, allowing your system to adapt to the change. Do not avoid any particular food group. Bread, rice, pasta and cereals (fruits as well), though carbs, make up the parts of a healthy, balanced diet and complex carbs like whole grains and beans are far better than overly processed foods (e.g. white bread). Taper the intake of these over an 8-week span, but it shall be foolish to stop them completely. At the most, reduce the intake to 1/3rd of what it is now.

Another popular weight loss myth is blaming it on the genetics. No, not necessarily you may have to share the same fate as your parents or relatives; a healthy diet and exercise can take you miles ahead, but only if you are consistent. Just remember the steps mentioned in the above paragraph.

Now, to the third myth it’s about whether you should be avoiding fat at all. It’s going to be shocking for you to know that unsaturated fats promote fat loss, since they help in the absorption of important nutrients and suppress hunger, causing you to eat less. Avoid trans-fat and saturated fats; instead, indulge lightly into fishes, nuts and olive oil. That way, you can wade pass the fourth myth of skipping meals to lose weight. Skipping meals shall slow your BMR and help you gain weight and may also induce gastric ulcers.

The last two myths on fat loss are:

  • Eating to the heart’s content fat-free foods. When did overeating help?
  • Sticking to a strict diet. This doesn’t speed up metabolism; exercise does. A too-strict diet often makes exercising difficult, since it drains out energy and makes metabolism stall.

So now, it’s up to you whether you want to follow healthy procedures for a healthy living or something opposed to the whole idea.

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