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Effective Cellulite Treatment – 10 Tips to get rid of ugly cellulite

Despite the fact that cellulite is often accompanied by overweight, it is not the primary cause of the disease. Indeed, thin women are complaining of cellulite presence not less. The most important thing is to eat the right way, and then you will supply your body with all necessary nutrients, rather than tormenting it with hunger, trying to lose excess weight. However, if the problem of cellulite is still relevant to you, then check out our tips to get rid of it.

1. Rubbing with sea salt

This procedure helps strengthening connective tissue in problem areas. After it take a shower and smear skin with cream or wipe with a slice of fresh cucumber.

2. Running and walking for muscles

To prevent fat deposition, lymph stagnation and accumulation of water in tissues, once in 2 – 3 days your body should be given physical activity. Cycling, swimming, jogging or walking are the most effective. Special gymnastics is also useful.

3. Refuse fatty foods

Reduce consumption of food containing animal fats. Prefer baked and stewed dishes. Do not overdo with chocolate.

4. Massage – an effective tool against cellulite

This procedure «slakes» fat in tissue affected by cellulite. You can also use essential oils – rose or anis. Mix 10 drops essential oil with 50 ml wheat-germ oil.

5. Therapeutic clay and chamomile

Special wrapping helps increasing skin elasticity and eliminating puffiness: mix healing clay with warm chamomile extract, wait until soft pulp body, put on cellulite-affected areas, let dry. After 20 min wash away with warm water.

6. Cocktail – fat burner

This is a drink based on buttermilk with addition of strawberry, wild strawberry, blueberry. Berries normalize the structure of adipose tissue, strengthen connective tissue, and buttermilk improves digestion.

7. Cabbage beauty

Include fresh white cabbage in your diet more often, it promotes fat burning and the removal of excess fluid, and thus helps in cellulite treatment.

8. Dry mitt massage

It should be your usual procedure, the same as teeth brushing. Then take a shower and smear skin with cream.

9. Miracle seaweed wrap

Some algae help removal of toxins from problem areas. The effect of wrapping will be exacerbated, if you cover areas with polyethylene film. Such «pack» enhances the effect of active substances and contributes to cellulite treatment.

10. Fresh air and movement are effective against cellulite

If we spend a lot of time sitting, and our breath is light, blood circulation is worsening. As a result, acids hindering the process of metabolism are formed. Find time to walk!

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