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5 Mobile Web Designing Concepts That Will Make it Big in 2013

In the resent day world, the one device that holds the power to take precedence over all other devices and overshadow their usage is definitely the mobile phones. The number of mobile phone users now constitutes 87% of the population of the whole world, so it is pretty obvious that mobile usage is going to feature very prominently in the near future. Rapid changes are taking place in the present scenario as the number of mobile users is steadily on the rise. So you will be proving yourself pragmatic to embrace and own such changes and get equipped with the strategies to put these changes to use in order to earn profit for your enterprise.

Now the time is most fertile for exploring the limits and also pushing the boundaries of mobile web design, as now the rising number of mobile users also creates the demand for sophisticated mobile applications and enhanced mobile web experience. As more and more people are having access to better mobile devices, so it would not be an exaggeration to say that it will lead to the change in user-behavior. Smaller screen size constitutes only one of the problems to handle, there are other technical issues and different user need to be taken care of. Keeping these factors in mind, it can be predicted that the following five trends will certainly loom large in 2013:

1. Different types of screen size and screen resolution:

The starting point should be the screen space that has been considerably shrunk. Web designing industry has never run out of new techniques which they promptly employed to enhance the user-experience of those accessing Internet from their PC. But the bad news is that with the dominance of mobile phones, many of such techniques have lost relevance. There are few fundamentals that would help you to devise a mobile website:

  • You can display the desktop version and make users to zoom in to see the content.
  • Develop a mobile site with HTML 5
  • Develop apps that are mobile oriented
  • Opt for responsive web design

The bottomline of a mobile website is to keep it simple and uncluttered and include shorter contents. So it’s better to adopt mobile first strategy when designing your content. You will be harming your mobile site by incorporating large and distracting contents, as mobile net users search for small pieces of information.

2. Technical limitations:

Although recent years have seen lots of sophistication on the mobile network front with introduction of 3G technique, but very limited number of users can afford the luxury. So you basically have to keep your website suitable for slower connections. Slower connection means longer time for loading pictures and data of the website which shows negative effect on both usability and user-experience. It is given that desktop will always gain upper hand because mobile devices, no matter how advance they become, will always come with lesser capacity in terms of limited hardware and software application. So to make your site suitable for slower connections, you will do better to strip your website down to bare essentials.

3. Difference in the context of use:

Mobile web designing requires the deployment of different kind of techniques because the context of their use is totally different from the desktop use. They are used in the public places under the exposure of the sunlight and this affects the quality of the screen. They are also used in the public transportations affecting the sensation of vibration. All such factors exercise influence the way people perceive and engage with mobile. Also, people communicate over mobile phones on the move which compromises their level of attention. The motor skill of the users is also subject to limitations when they interact with this device. These things must be taken into account when designing a website for the mobile platform.

4. Difference in the user behavior:

It is pretty obvious that there must be a huge difference between the behavior of desktop user and mobile user, mainly because of the fact that mobile devices enables people to stay hooked to the Internet 24×7. It facilitates the immediate gratification of our need for information, making us impatient by nature. Besides, mobiles as a possession are more personal by nature which is why people have developed habit of staying connected to Internet through mobile. Mobile has allowed people to acquire small pieces of information from net while on the move.

5. Leading mobile designing trends:

The steady increment that various studies have shown in the number of mobile users is definitely going to affect the web designing strategies. There are a number of mobile designing trends that are already in the vogue, now it remains for us to see which ones make it big in 2013. Given below is a list of trends that have high chances of featuring big in this year:

  • Responsive web design
  • Mobile first philosophy
  • Minimalism to enhance functionality and usability
  • User-friendly application animations
  • Prevalence of video content
  • Predominance of content over design
  • Increased interactivity

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